Last week at Wick we shot ourselves in the foot early doors conceding in a minute left ourselves an uphill battle. We spoke about it at half time and we had been playing really deep which let their midfield come onto us and it wasn’t good. We played down the hill in the second half and got our backline pushed on and the midfield tighter after Wick changed their system.

From that game we now look to bounce back in today’s derby fixture with Inverurie Loco Works. Obviously we’ll need to improve a lot judging on last week’s performance but we’ll have hopefully forgotten about the Wick game after training midweek.

Our away form this season has been a problem at times especially in the last three matches when we haven’t scored and it’d be so much easier if we didn’t concede an early goal and another soon after.

It seems to be as of late like in the games against Turriff and Wick we lose one goal then another minutes later and the floodgates are opened. It’s something we need to worked on and definitely improve on. Defensively, we missed big Lawson and Gary Davidson last week at Wick but having them back for the game with Locos will certainly help.

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