Behold the Foof and Lukasz
A sight you've never seen
The striker and his sponsor
Have joined the Huntly team
Signed photos will await you
Your mugshot goes on show
Shot with your chosen player
Both standing toe to toe
It only costs a hundred
Plus it's generous help indeed
Join the Huntly Dream Team
And our thanks are guaranteed


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There is never a dull moment being Chairman of Huntly Football Club, which Bovril is keen to point out as John Smith hands over the reins to Sandy Sammon,

When Johnny was the Chairman
There were many lows and highs
But his very bestest moment
Was modelling new club ties

There was a Chairman from Dyce
Who's bonce assisted the lights
Rays of light roam
And bounce of his dome
Lighting the pitch up at night

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At Brora Richie Taylor came a cropper ,thanks to a stationary object.


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Michael McGinlay missed a penalty last Saturday at Fort William.

He scored from the rebound, but it did not stop P.A. 'Torres' Bruce staking his own claim on the bus home....…

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P.A. is the loan star
Who bides in Peterneep

Hairstyle is a bird's nest
A curly flowing heap

A Tartan Army member
Who travels far and wide
To Paris, Prague, and Amsterdam
His 'face' comes fae the ride

The 'face' it is a dummy
A mannequin half breed
And P.A. is the owner
Of this famous Peter Heid

Now he plays for Huntly
The quinies all think he's scrummy
And his partnership with Richie
Is called 'The Taylor's Dummy' !…

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