Huntly’s under 17s suffered a heavy defeat going down 7-1 at home to Fraserburgh.


The Broch were ahead after four minutes when Zane Laird squeezed in a shot at the near post.

Huntly had chances to level. Ewan Skinner played in Mika Askildsen on the quarter-hour mark but with the keeper to beat, the forward fired wide. Ten minutes later, a Matthew Begg shot was header over the bar by Broch defender Jan Polanski.

In the 34 th minute, goalkeeper Jake Ritchie dropped a Skinner cross but as the ball broke to Keigan Mathers he shot wide from close range.

The miss would prove costly as Fraserburgh went upfield to net a second. Liam Morrison saw his initial shot blocked by Cameron Middleton before finishing in from the rebound.

Logan Watt made it three-nil with a deflected effort from 25 yards before Liam Morrison tapped in the fourth just three minutes later.

Huntly would pull one back three minutes from the interval when a Dillon Farquhar throw found Mika Askildsen and his low cross was met by Keigan Mathers to tap in at the near post.

Half-Time: Huntly 1 Fraserburgh 4

Five minutes into the second half, Zane Laird chipped in a fifth before Aiden Collin side-footed in on the 61 st minute.

Logan Watt wrapped up the scoring with two minutes remaining tapping in after the home defence failed to clear.

Huntly (4-1-2-3)

13 Cameron Middleton

2 Dillon Farquhar
4 Harvey Taylor
10 Greg Fowlie (Craig 45)
3 Connor Stuart

6 Luca Michie (Sey 65:49)

15 Owen Morris
8 Matthew Begg (Millar 55:26)

12 Ewan Skinner
9 Mika Askildsen (Michie 65:49)
11 Keigan Mathers

1 Jake Ritchie
2 Mark Thomson (Summers 62)
3 Etah Duthie (Strachan 45)
4 Ethan Geary (K Morrison 45)
5 Jan Polanksi (Geary 76:35)
7 Aiden Collin
8 Jamie McLellan
9 Zane Laird (Milne 65:27)
10 Logan Watt
11 Liam Morrison
16 Calum Watson (Thomson 79:36)


16 Ross Craig (Fowlie 45)
14 Rowan Millar (Begg 55:26)
17 Lucas Sey (Michie 65:49)
6 Luca Michie (Askildsen 82:06)


12 Liam Strachan (Duthie 45)
14 Kieran Morrison (Geary 45)
15 Aiden Summers (Thomson 62)
17 Logan Geddes
18 Ryan Milne (Laird 65:27)
4 Ethan Geary (Polanksi 76:35)
2 Mark Thomson (Watson 79:36)

Management Team

  1. John Farquhar (Coach)
  2. Raymond Mathers (Coach / First Aid)
  3. John Farquhar (Coach)

Management Team

  1. Alex Mair (Coach)
  2. Matthew West (Coach)
  3. Will Ramsay (Coach)
  4. Archie James (Physio)
Referee: Ally Bruce
Assistant Referee 1: Andy Ewen Assistant Referee 2: John MIlne
  1. Keigan Mathers (42:14) 1-4
  1. Zane Laird (4:46) 0-1
  2. Liam Morrison (35:57) 0-2
  3. Logan Watt (37:58) 0-3
  4. Liam Morrison (40:51) 0-4
  5. Zane Laird (50:14) 1-5
  6. Aiden Collin (61:30) 1-6
  7. Logan Watt (88:03) 1-7
Sendings off

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