A marathon Board Meeting last night, lasting 4 hours till 11.30 pm

We held the meeting at the Intermoor offices in Aberdeen, and Dave McGinlay attended.
Dave will continue to be fully involved in Board Meetings for the forseeable future.
This is part of the new culture of working closely with the management team, and running the club on a united front.Great team spirit throughout the meeting.

This is the first of two posts.We will start with the club organisation side of things.
The second post (later today) will then cover more interesting bits on the playing side etc !

We agreed a new board structure, reflecting the need to run the club on proper business principles, with defined responsibility for each Director.This will also ensure a proper allocation of workload !
Chairman- Johnny Smith
Company Secretary- Andrew Stokes
Commercial Director - Sandy Sammon
Operations Director- Willie Morrison
Finance Director - Currently Vacant
Non Executive Directors - Up to 3 positions to be filled

These positions will work with specific roles within the Committee which will also be defined in the coming weeks.For instance the Company Secretary role will work with the Club Secretary (Alix Turner), and the Football Secretary (Gordon Greig) to ensure all areas of administration are covered effectively.

The Operations Director will have responsibility for the the ground infrastructure and maintenance, playing surfaces, ground staff, Health and Safety, match day logistics etc.

The Commercial Director will have responsibility for commercial income and sponsorship, fundraising events, corporate hospitality,supplier negotiations etc.

The Finance Director role is pretty much self explanatory, and will work closely with the Treasurer (Shona Newlands).There will be a real emphasis going forward on developing good reporting against financial budgets which are being developed.At the moment this role is being covered by the Company Secretary and Chairman.

The Non Executive roles relate to independent advisors with a strong football and or business background.Possible candidates for these roles were discussed, and this will be followed up in the coming weeks.

We then agreed that in future meetings we will develop a more detailed constitution, and procedures (eg dismissing/ appointing managers , directors etc).There were a few light hearted comments made from McGin on this topic (!) but everyone agreed this is the right point to get the mechanics of running the club onto a professional footing.

Right, I hope that was not too long winded.The next post should be more interesting !

Upcoming Events

Fans Forum

Saturday, 26 Jun 2021 at 12:30 pm

Gold League Bingo

Friday, 2 Jul 2021 at 7:30 pm

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