It's been a quiet time as of late on the football front but that doesn't mean that things have come to a halt off the park. As you'll have seen from the backroom staff article on the site last night we have had some changes behind the scenes and I'd like to welcome Alix and Andrew on board into their new roles.


Ourselves and the fourteen other SFA member clubs in the Highland League received a payout of over £11000 and also last weekend we received a donation from the Supporters Club and I'd just like to say a big thanks to James McKay and his fellow committee members for this kind gesture and hope we can continue having a good working relationship between the football club and the supporters club. Every club loses out on revenue and sponsorship during this time of year due to call-offs with the bad weather and we appreciate this.


We are planning a number of fundraising events into 2011 including our annual boxing dinner.

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