Tomorrow’s game against Banks o’ Dee is a big tie for us coming in the Scottish Cup. It’s on an artificial pitch which for us will be a different game from what we’re used to in the Highland League. A Scottish Cup tie can be a nervy affair and I don’t think playing on astroturf will help that, the ball moves a lot quicker and it can bounce more. We always like to play good football and we’ve got talent in this side that should be able to help us through.

We’ll have to play better than we did against Clach. The first half we did ok but it was more the second half performance which disappointed me. At this point it’s unsure if Kieran Adams and Blair Johnston will have made a full recovery in time for the game but they’ll have been assessed in training and fingers crossed we can get as much players back as we can.

I thought some of the younger players did well last Saturday, Cory Ritchie played well for his first start in a while and Reece McKeown also came in for his first start since signing.


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Premnay replied the topic: #1482 8 months 2 hours ago
I agree, Tommy. Team didn't show up. But you should be telling us why. My (layman) observation is that some of your senior players are not delivering in spite of being well remunerated by HL standards. Of course, some are your signings, some are not.
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neep replied the topic: #1481 8 months 2 hours ago

The Bear wrote: from memory BoD have beaten us a few times (is this correct Neep ?)

Fifth straight defeat in cup games with Banks O' Dee
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B.Y. stander replied the topic: #1479 8 months 4 hours ago
Aye Bear it was that bad,I don't think we had one shot at goal the whole game their keeper could have gone home,this constant passing across the park and then back the way even when we were 4-0 down is getting beyond a joke,come on management what about some forward play for a change,and the synthetic pitch is nae for me I'm afraid,grass every time oh well end of rant.
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huntlyfc replied the topic: #1478 8 months 5 hours ago
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The Bear replied the topic: #1476 8 months 13 hours ago
wis it that bad Moose (Iwas reffing the egg chasers) result didnt look good than I saw we had red card then saw it was already 3-0

from memory BoD have beaten us a few times (is this correct Neep ?) if so why do we struggle against them so much ??
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The Moose replied the topic: #1475 8 months 16 hours ago
Maybe time to reconsider the proposed plastic park as on this showing Huntlý F.C
Looked as though they had never seen or played on this type of surface. We as supporters have been told in the past that this is the surface all teams including Huntlý F.C. train on .but on yesterdays showing obviously we cannot take this into a Proper Game. Yesterday our passing was woeful ?. Either to short or over hit our close control of the ball was non existent . Taking nothing away from B.O .D. they controlled the whole game. The Moose.
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Premnay replied the topic: #1474 8 months 1 day ago
Transpired this was not a nervy affair. BoD dominated throughout. Only nervy part of it was the margin of victory. Four flattered us.
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huntlyfc replied the topic: #1471 8 months 2 days ago
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bankie jimbo replied the topic: #1459 8 months 2 weeks ago
The supporters club will be sending a bus to our game at banks o dee. As its a Scottish cup away day we would like to do something different, so the plan is to leave the fc at noon and go to a venue in Aberdeen for lunch, then on to the game. In order to book, we need a rough number, so if you fancy our away day, please leave your name and number of seats.
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Premnay replied the topic: #1453 8 months 3 weeks ago
Oh dear. S**t ground. S**t pitch. Only qualify through geography by being the least worst pub-league team in this area.

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