At Viccy Park in Buckie
Chocolate legs was skelped

Banged his head with Donnie 
As Bremner tried to help.…

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Snappy snappers dressed in black
Nikon straps around the neck
Young Fraser has the talent
Bov says what the heck


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Fitba is a sweaty game
A game of earnest toil
Studs and bones go crunch
As tackles scrape the soil


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The final series of Big Brother has come to an end, so Ross Bremner's undercover TV career is also past it's sell by date.

The programmes demise coincides with Brems return to the first team, arousing suspicion in the Howlin Shed......…

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In the shade of Huntly Castle
Lies beloved Christie Park
The Howlin' Shed bears witness
To those who made their mark


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