The final series of Big Brother has come to an end, so Ross Bremner's undercover TV career is also past it's sell by date.

The programmes demise coincides with Brems return to the first team, arousing suspicion in the Howlin Shed......



Brems was out of action
A golfing break, said some
As Teasdale gave him license
To return as Brother's son


As Hastie held the fort
Young Gavin helped as well
Brems went albino undercover
As Big Brother's cool Darnell


The smoke screen of Formartine
Was just a clever ploy
As Brems was playing housemate
Davina's baldy hot toy boy


Now Brother's reign is ended
And Teasdale's moved on too
We welcome back the Darnell
Big Brems to me and you


Of course he will deny it
'Frozen out the team'
But you canna fool the Howlers
We know where you've been!

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