The season stood before us
Time to start the show

Stuart Soane,Stark, and Guildy
Revved up and good to go


Ginge,The Horse and Reidy
Were ready,steady in defence
John Murray,'Blue Boot Timmons'
Their guns loaded in offense


The Howlin Shed were ready
To wear the 'Magic Hat'
'Teasdale's gonna win the title
For the boys in Gold and Black'



In less than twenty seconds
Our backs against the wall
As sunshine turns to downpour
We face the Rothes squall


Three nil down in sixty six
Chins are on the floor
Reidy holds his hands up
Fifty Niners shout the score


The nightmare is behind us
And the Howlin Shed all know
Its time to learn the meaning
Of 'Eeka Peeka Pukka Po'

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