Long-serving player Alex Thoirs has this weekend did his bit for the local community donating Easter eggs to local care homes.


On behalf of our club I would like to thank Alex for his thoughtfulness and generosity.

He wanted to do something for the Huntly Community during these very challenging times.

He donated 80 Easter Eggs  each to  the staff and residents  of

  • Alexander Scott's Eventide Home,
  • Balhousie Care Home
  • and Meadows Care Home.

Teaming up with Asda via Fraser Newlands’ help the eggs were delivered to the Care Homes. Asda generously added a further 60 Easter Eggs which were donated to the Huntly Food Bank (see below slideshow).


The Meadows Care home posted their thanks on their Facebook page.

Alex is our longest serving player and is hugely popular with our  Fans and Club Officials alike.

He  always leads from the front on the pitch and on this occasion has shown the same character off the pitch.

alexanderthoirs31 year old Thoirs (left) who has been with the club since 2011 admitted himself he wanted to give something back following the early conclusion to the football season.

He added: “The idea first came along when the coronavirus had taken the football season to a halt, firstly i didn’t want to take any money from the club as it was set to go through a difficult period. When i realised the club had distributed us wages i wanted to instead use that money for a good cause locally in Huntly.

With great help from Gordon Carter and Shona Newlands we came to an agreement that it would be a good idea to donate Easter eggs to Alexander Scott’s Hospital, the meadows care home, Balhousie Care Home and Huntly Food Bank with Fraser Newlands doing a great job getting it all delivered. 

I knew through this isolation period that the residents won’t be getting any visitors and it was just something little to give them and also a thank you to the nurses/carers who are doing an incredible job.

I hope the outcome of this is that there is a little smile on their faces and that they all have a happy Easter and to stay positive.”

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