Match report: Clachnacuddin (1990) Ltd. - Huntly | Round 13 | Breedon Highland League

Clachnacuddin (1990) Ltd. vs Huntly
1 3

More Information

Match Date: Saturday, 13 October 2018
Match Time: 15:00 h

Starting line up

Right Back
Left Back
Defensive Midfield
Right Wing
Left Wing
Attacking Midfield

Assistant Manager


Substitution min 59:25 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />James Beeston <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />James Fraser Substitution min 70:15 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Jordan Andrew <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Ian Penwright Substitution min 77:03 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Scott Dunn <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Blair Lawrie Caution Min. 69:31 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/persons/clachnacuddin/johnmacaskill.jpg' height='75' width='75' /><br />John MacAskill Goal Min. 34:17 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/persons/clachnacuddin/michaelfinnis.jpg' height='75' width='75' /><br />Michael Finnis Unused Sub Min.  ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/persons/fortwilliam/iainfoggo.jpg' height='75' width='75' /><br />Iain Foggo Unused Sub Min.  ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/clubs/large/clachnacuddin.png' height='75' width='75' /><br />Alasdair Maclean Unused Sub Min.  ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/clubs/large/clachnacuddin.png' height='75' width='75' /><br />Kyle Maclean Unused Sub Min.  ::<br />Calum Black
Substitution min 64:27 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Alexander Thoirs <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Alexander Jack Substitution min 77:29 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Kai Ross <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Matthew McDonald Substitution min 85:40 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Tom Andrews <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />David Booth Caution Min. 82:15 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/persons/huntly/garymcgowan.jpg' height='75' width='75' /><br />Gary McGowan Caution Min. 75:33 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/persons/huntly/michaelclark.jpg' height='75' width='75' /><br />Michael Clark Caution Min. 69:17 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/persons/huntly/rossstill.jpg' height='75' width='75' /><br />Ross Still Caution Min. 33:25 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/persons/huntly/blairjohnston.jpg' height='75' width='75' /><br />Blair Johnston Goal Min. 54:43 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/persons/huntly/garymcgowan.jpg' height='75' width='75' /><br />Gary McGowan Goal Min. 40:28 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/persons/huntly/rossstill.jpg' height='75' width='75' /><br />Ross Still Goal Min. 24:43 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/persons/huntly/nicholasgray.jpg' height='75' width='75' /><br />Nicholas Gray Unused Sub Min.  ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/persons/huntly/darrenwood.jpg' height='75' width='75' /><br />Darren Wood Unused Sub Min.  ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/persons/huntly/johnfarquhar.jpg' height='75' width='75' /><br />John Farquhar Unused Sub Min.  ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/persons/huntly/glennmurison.jpg' height='75' width='75' /><br />Glenn Murison Unused Sub Min.  ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/persons/huntly/coryritchie.jpg' height='75' width='75' /><br />Cory Ritchie


Time Event
85:40Came in David Booth (Attacking Midfield)
 Went out Tom Andrews (Midfield)
82:15CautionGary McGowan (Recklessly trips of attempts to trip an opponent)
77:29Came in Matthew McDonald (Right Wing)
 Went out Kai Ross (Right Wing)
77:03Came in Blair Lawrie (Forward)
 Went out Scott Dunn (Forward)
75:33CautionMichael Clark (delaying the restart of play)
70:15Came in Ian Penwright (Forward)
 Went out Jordan Andrew (Midfield)
69:31CautionJohn MacAskill (unsporting behaviour)
69:17CautionRoss Still (recklessly tackles or challenges an opponent)
64:27Came in Alexander Jack (Right Back)
 Went out Alexander Thoirs (Right Back)
59:25Came in James Fraser (Left Back)
 Went out James Beeston (Left Back)
54:43GoalGary McGowan
40:28GoalRoss Still
34:17GoalMichael Finnis (penalty)
33:25CautionBlair Johnston (holds or pushes an opponent)
24:43GoalNicholas Gray
Unused SubCory Ritchie
Unused SubKyle Maclean
Unused SubAlasdair Maclean
Unused SubIain Foggo
Unused SubCalum Black
Unused SubDarren Wood
Unused SubJohn Farquhar
Unused SubGlenn Murison

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