Match report: Huntly - Maud | Pre-season | Friendly

Huntly vs Maud
2 1

More Information

Match Date: Saturday, 21 July 2018
Match Time: 15:00 h
Referee: Ally Bruce (Referee) , Alan Dawson (Assistant Referee) , Brian Fowlie (Assistant Referee)

Starting line up

  • John Farquhar John Farquhar  
  •  1. Rhys Fyfe  1. Rhys Fyfe
Right Back
  • Alexander Thoirs Alexander Thoirs  
  •  2. Steven Whyte  2. Steven Whyte
  • Michael Clark Michael Clark  
  • Ryan McRitchie Ryan McRitchie  
  •  4. Mark Lawson  4. Mark Lawson
  •  5. Martin Crisp  5. Martin Crisp
Left Back
  • Blair Johnston Blair Johnston  
  •  3. Allan Hale  3. Allan Hale
Defensive Midfield
  • Tom Andrews Tom Andrews  
Right Wing
  • Gary McGowan Gary McGowan  
  •  11. Calvin Kennedy  11. Calvin Kennedy
  • Cameron Booth Cameron Booth  
  •  8. Craig Ritchie  8. Craig Ritchie
  •  6. Grant Thomson  6. Grant Thomson
Left Wing
  • Ross Still Ross Still  
  •  10. Ryan Sargent  10. Ryan Sargent
  • Kai Ross Kai Ross  
  • Matthew McDonald Matthew McDonald  
  •  7. Zak Conway  7. Zak Conway
  •  9. Ryan Smart  9. Ryan Smart

Assistant Manager


  • 45:01. Minute
    Went out Tom Andrews (Defensive Midfield)
    Came in Alexander Jack (Right Back)

  • 64:22. Minute
    Went out Matthew McDonald (Forward)
    Came in Neale Davidson (Forward)

  • 64:18. Minute
    Went out Ross Still (Left Wing)
    Came in Glenn Murison (Midfield)

  • 70:21. Minute
    Went out Kai Ross (Forward)
    Came in Reece McKeown (Forward)

  • 77:32. Minute
    Went out John Farquhar (Goalkeeper)
    Came in Keith Robertshaw (Goalkeeper)

  • 77:21. Minute
    Went out Blair Johnston (Left Back)
    Came in Christopher Hay (Left Back)

  • 61:50. Minute
    Went out Calvin Kennedy (Right Wing)
    Came in Donald Fraser (Right Wing)

  • 62:06. Minute
    Went out Martin Crisp (Defender)
    Came in James Duguid (Forward)

  • 68:41. Minute
    Went out Ryan Smart (Forward)
    Came in Kenneth Mair (Left Wing)

  • 72:12. Minute
    Went out Steven Whyte (Right Back)
    Came in Ross Grant (Midfield)

  • 72:15. Minute
    Went out Zak Conway (Forward)
    Came in Owen Kinsella (Right Back)

  • 84:09. Minute
    Went out Craig Ritchie (Midfield)
    Came in Gregor Johnston (Midfield)

  • 84:11. Minute
    Went out Ryan Sargent (Left Wing)
    Came in Struan Morrison (Forward)


Substitution min 45:01 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Alexander Jack <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Tom Andrews Substitution min 64:22 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Neale Davidson <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Matthew McDonald Substitution min 64:18 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Glenn Murison <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Ross Still Substitution min 70:21 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Reece McKeown <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Kai Ross Substitution min 77:32 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Keith Robertshaw <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />John Farquhar Substitution min 77:21 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Christopher Hay <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Blair Johnston Goal Min. 60:49 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/persons/huntly/kaiross.jpg' height='75' width='75' /><br />Kai Ross Goal Min. 02:14 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/persons/huntly/matthewmcdonald.jpg' height='75' width='75' /><br />Matthew McDonald Unused Sub Min. 90 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/persons/huntly/darrenwood.jpg' height='75' width='75' /><br />Darren Wood Unused Sub Min. 90 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/persons/huntly/coryritchie.jpg' height='75' width='75' /><br />Cory Ritchie
Substitution min 61:50 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Donald Fraser <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Calvin Kennedy Substitution min 62:06 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />James Duguid <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Martin Crisp Substitution min 68:41 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Kenneth Mair <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Ryan Smart Substitution min 72:12 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Ross Grant <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Steven Whyte Substitution min 72:15 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Owen Kinsella <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Zak Conway Substitution min 84:09 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Gregor Johnston <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Craig Ritchie Substitution min 84:11 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Struan Morrison <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Ryan Sargent Goal Min. 35:41 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/persons/maud/craigritchie.jpg' height='75' width='75' /><br />Craig Ritchie


60:49' Kai Ross (Huntly)
02:14' Matthew McDonald (Huntly)
35:41' Craig Ritchie (Maud)
images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/bench.pngUnused Sub
90' Darren Wood (Huntly)
90' Cory Ritchie (Huntly)


Goals from forwards Matthew McDonald and Kai Ross helped Huntly to a 2-1 friendly win at home to junior side Maud.

The black and golds took an early lead when Gary McGowan cut in from the left after two minutes and drilled a ball towards goal and Matthew McDonald was on hand to bundle the ball over the line.

Maud levelled ten minutes from the break when Craig Ritchie made a run into the box and slotted low into the net after the ball was blocked.

Huntly regained the lead on the hour mark when goalscorer McDonald showed good vision to pick out Kai Ross who took a touch before firing past Rhys Fyfe.

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