Match report: Colony Park - Huntly | Pre-season | Friendly

Colony Park vs Huntly
2 6

More Information

Match Date: Tuesday, 17 July 2018
Match Time: 19:30 h
Referee: Bart Misiak (Referee)

Starting line up

  • 13. Dylan Faskin 13. Dylan Faskin  
  •  John Farquhar  John Farquhar
Right Back
  • 2. Alasdair Graham 2. Alasdair Graham  
  •  Alexander Jack  Alexander Jack
  • 6. Christopher Allsop 6. Christopher Allsop  
  • 5. Mitchell Cheyne 5. Mitchell Cheyne  
  •  Michael Clark  Michael Clark
  •  Darren Wood  Darren Wood
Left Back
  • 3. Steven Morrison 3. Steven Morrison  
  •  Blair Johnston  Blair Johnston
Defensive Midfield
  •  Alexander Thoirs  Alexander Thoirs
Right Wing
  • 7. Barry Paden 7. Barry Paden  
  •  Reece McKeown  Reece McKeown
  • 4. Kevin Bonarius 4. Kevin Bonarius  
  • 8. Dylan Clark 8. Dylan Clark  
  •  Glenn Murison  Glenn Murison
  •  Ross Still  Ross Still
Left Wing
  • 11. Craig Smith 11. Craig Smith  
  •  Neale Davidson  Neale Davidson
  • 10. Greg Dorrat 10. Greg Dorrat  
  • 9. Adam Smith 9. Adam Smith  
  •  Gary McGowan  Gary McGowan

Assistant Manager


  • 45:01. Minute
    Went out Kevin Bonarius (Midfield)
    Came in Craig Brown (Midfield)

  • 45:01. Minute
    Went out Craig Smith (Left Wing)
    Came in Craig Ross (Midfield)

  • 65:28. Minute
    Went out Adam Smith (Forward)
    Came in Andreas Mitchell (Forward)

  • 65:25. Minute
    Went out Alasdair Graham (Right Back)
    Came in Graeme Cochrane (Right Back)

  • 65:31. Minute
    Went out Dylan Clark (Midfield)
    Came in Peter Douglas (Right Wing)

  • 73:51. Minute
    Went out Greg Dorrat (Forward)
    Came in Stuart Simond (Midfield)

  • 73:48. Minute
    Went out Barry Paden (Right Wing)
    Came in Josh Christie (Left Wing)

  • 45:01. Minute
    Went out Michael Clark (Defender)
    Came in Ryan McRitchie (Defender)

  • 53:47. Minute
    Went out Reece McKeown (Right Wing)
    Came in Kai Ross (Forward)

  • 53:55. Minute
    Went out Gary McGowan (Forward)
    Came in Matthew McDonald (Forward)

  • 53:32. Minute
    Went out Alexander Thoirs (Defensive Midfield)
    Came in Cameron Booth (Midfield)

  • 54:00. Minute
    Went out Ross Still (Midfield)
    Came in Tom Andrews (Midfield)

  • 67:32. Minute
    Went out Blair Johnston (Left Back)
    Came in Christopher Hay (Left Back)

  • 70:52. Minute
    Went out John Farquhar (Goalkeeper)
    Came in Keith Robertshaw (Goalkeeper)


Substitution min 45:01 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Craig Brown <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Kevin Bonarius Substitution min 45:01 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Craig Ross <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Craig Smith Substitution min 65:28 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Andreas Mitchell <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Adam Smith Substitution min 65:25 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Graeme Cochrane <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Alasdair Graham Substitution min 65:31 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Peter Douglas <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Dylan Clark Substitution min 73:51 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Stuart Simond <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Greg Dorrat Substitution min 73:48 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Josh Christie <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Barry Paden Goal Min. 62:27 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/persons/colonypark/GregDorrat.jpg' height='75' width='75' /><br />Greg Dorrat Goal Min. 58:51 ::<br />Adam Smith
Substitution min 45:01 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Ryan McRitchie <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Michael Clark Substitution min 53:47 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Kai Ross <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Reece McKeown Substitution min 53:55 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Matthew McDonald <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Gary McGowan Substitution min 53:32 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Cameron Booth <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Alexander Thoirs Substitution min 54:00 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Tom Andrews <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Ross Still Substitution min 67:32 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Christopher Hay <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Blair Johnston Substitution min 70:52 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Keith Robertshaw <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />John Farquhar Goal Min. 90:04 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/persons/huntly/cameronbooth.jpg' height='75' width='75' /><br />Cameron Booth Goal Min. 60:03 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/persons/huntly/nealedavidson.jpg' height='75' width='75' /><br />Neale Davidson Goal Min. 44:51 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/persons/huntly/rossstill.jpg' height='75' width='75' /><br />Ross Still Goal Min. 22:19 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/persons/huntly/rossstill.jpg' height='75' width='75' /><br />Ross Still Goal Min. 19:39 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/persons/huntly/michaelclark.jpg' height='75' width='75' /><br />Michael Clark Goal Min. 15:43 ::<br />Reece McKeown


62:27' Greg Dorrat (Colony Park)
58:51' Adam Smith (Colony Park)
90:04' Cameron Booth (Huntly) (penalty)
60:03' Neale Davidson (Huntly) (header)
44:51' Ross Still (Huntly)
22:19' Ross Still (Huntly)
19:39' Michael Clark (Huntly) (header)
15:43' Reece McKeown (Huntly)


Huntly ran out 6-2 winners away to junior side Colony Park in their latest friendly match.

On the quarter-hour mark, Steven Morrison was sloppy on the ball and was quickly dispossessed by the pacy Reece McKeown who ran on to drill home with a low drive.

The scoreline was doubled in the nineteenth minute when a trademark Neale Davidson delivery picked out Michael Clark from a corner and the Huntly Captain netted with a downward header.

Midway through the half, a Gary McGowan shot was spilled by Colony keeper Dylan Faskin and Ross Still reacted quickly to bundle in the rebound from close range.

Still added his second with second of the first half remaining converting from close range after Faskin could only parry a McGowan free kick.

Half-Time: Colony Park 0 Huntly 4

Adam Smith pulled one back for the hosts after getting on the end of a ball over the top but Huntly reacted quickly and restored their four goal advantage just over a minute later. Substitute Matthew McDonald saw a shot blocked by Faskin in the visitor’s goal and when the ball spun towards the back post, Neale Davidson connected with a downward header to make it five.

The hosts added a second in the 62nd minute when former Huntly forward Greg Dorrat got the ball in the inside left channel before curling a low shot beyond the advancing John Farquhar.

Huntly rounded off the scoring in the final minute from the penalty spot. Cameron Booth was bundled over by Mitchell Cheyne and got up to take the spot kick himself sending the keeper the wrong way.

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