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Arbroath vs Huntly
4 1

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Match Date: Saturday, 07 July 2018
Match Time: 15:00 h
Referee: Chris Fordyce (Referee) , Filippo Mazzoni (Assistant Referee) , Jamie Guyan (Assistant Referee)

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Starting line up

  • 1. Darren Hill 1. Darren Hill  
  •  Keith Robertshaw  Keith Robertshaw
Right Back
  •  Glenn Murison  Glenn Murison
  • 2. Jason Thomson 2. Jason Thomson  
  • 4. Ricky Little 4. Ricky Little  
  • 3. David Gold 3. David Gold  
  •  Michael Clark  Michael Clark
  •  Ryan McRitchie  Ryan McRitchie
Left Back
  •  Christopher Hay  Christopher Hay
Defensive Midfield
  • 5. Finn Graham 5. Finn Graham  
  •  Tom Andrews  Tom Andrews
Right Wing
  • 7. Bobby Linn 7. Bobby Linn  
  •  Kai Ross  Kai Ross
  • 8. Ryan McCord 8. Ryan McCord  
  • 10. Gavin Swankie 10. Gavin Swankie  
  •  Cameron Booth  Cameron Booth
  •  Ross Still  Ross Still
Left Wing
  • 6. Omar Kader 6. Omar Kader  
  •  Gary McGowan  Gary McGowan
  • 11. Gary Fraser 11. Gary Fraser  
  • 9. Kane Hester 9. Kane Hester  
  •  Matthew McDonald  Matthew McDonald

Assistant Manager


  • 45:01. Minute
    Went out Gavin Swankie (Midfield)
    Came in Michael McKenna (Midfield)

  • 45:01. Minute
    Went out Jason Thomson (Defender)
    Came in Shaun Leishman (Defender)

  • 54:00. Minute
    Went out Gary Fraser (Forward)
    Came in Ryan Wallace (Midfield)

  • 54:03. Minute
    Went out Kane Hester (Forward)
    Came in Lewis Elder (Forward)

  • 69:11. Minute
    Went out Ryan McCord (Midfield)
    Came in Tom O'Brien (Midfield)

  • 55:29. Minute
    Went out Keith Robertshaw (Goalkeeper)
    Came in Matthew Mackie (Goalkeeper)

  • 62:53. Minute
    Went out Christopher Hay (Left Back)
    Came in Connor Hunter (Defender)

  • 62:47. Minute
    Went out Kai Ross (Right Wing)
    Came in Reece McKeown (Forward)

  • 77:53. Minute
    Went out Cameron Booth (Midfield)
    Came in Damian Kalinowski (Forward)

  • 78:00. Minute
    Went out Matthew McDonald (Forward)
    Came in Calum Reid (Right Wing)


Substitution min 45:01 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Michael McKenna <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Gavin Swankie Substitution min 45:01 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Shaun Leishman <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Jason Thomson Substitution min 54:00 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Ryan Wallace <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Gary Fraser Substitution min 54:03 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Lewis Elder <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Kane Hester Substitution min 69:11 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Tom O'Brien <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Ryan McCord Goal Min. 50:46 ::<br />Kane Hester Goal Min. 35:21 ::<br />Jason Thomson Goal Min. 21:27 ::<br />Ryan McCord Goal Min. 10:11 ::<br />Kane Hester Unused Sub Min.  ::<br />Coolin Hamilton Unused Sub Min.  ::<br />Darren Jamieson
Substitution min 55:29 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Matthew Mackie <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Keith Robertshaw Substitution min 62:53 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Connor Hunter <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Christopher Hay Substitution min 62:47 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Reece McKeown <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Kai Ross Substitution min 77:53 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Damian Kalinowski <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Cameron Booth Substitution min 78:00 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/in.png' />Calum Reid <br> <img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/out.png' />Matthew McDonald Goal Min. 60:11 ::<img src='/images/com_joomleague/database/persons/huntly/tomandrews.jpg' height='75' width='75' /><br />Tom Andrews


50:46' Kane Hester (Arbroath)
35:21' Jason Thomson (Arbroath) (header)
21:27' Ryan McCord (Arbroath) (penalty)
10:11' Kane Hester (Arbroath)
60:11' Tom Andrews (Huntly)
images/com_joomleague/database/events/soccer/bench.pngUnused Sub
Coolin Hamilton (Arbroath)
Darren Jamieson (Arbroath)


It was a game of two halves for Huntly down in sunny Arbroath as the league one side ran out 4-1 winners.

Huntly were missing John Farquhar and Blair Johnston through injury while Neale Davidson, Paul Napier, Alexander Jack, Darren Wood and Alexander Thoirs were all absent.

Arbroath opened the scoring after ten minutes when a Gavin Swankie received a quick free kick and played over the top into the box picked out Kane Hester who fired high into the net.

The home side were awarded a penalty ten minutes later when Ryan McRitchie bundled over Bobby Linn. Ryan McCord sent teenage keeper Keith Robertshaw the wrong way from the spot.

Another set piece produced the third when Ryan McCord sent in a free kick from the right for Jason Thomson who looked to have climbed on the back of Huntly’s Ryan McRitchie to head home.

Five minutes into the second half the impressive Hester added his second with a shot on the turn after a Gary Fraser lay-off.

Huntly grabbed a consolation on the hour mark when Ross Still created an opening and fed Kai Ross who slipped the ball sideways for Tom Andrews who showed good composure to finish with a low shot wide of the keeper.

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