I don't think it’s an understatement that we will be very glad to see the back of this season.  Shipping at least 5 goals five or six times in a season, says it all.

We were promised lots at the start of the season, what we got was a complete shadow of what it should have been. A manager who the fans would have dumped long before he walked and with that decision of sticking with him, it has set us back again.

Highlights were the Scottish Cup win against East Stirling and the emergence of a few of the young players coming through, Glenn Murison, Connor Brian and Joe Burr to name a few. The board must back this with new signings and hopefully more quality than we have saw coming to the club,  the lows.........well far too many to list.

We are seeing shoots of recovery under Doug and Mark, both well experienced and we know it’s hurting us all with the results and performances. Once again the small band we have in the supporters club will be there.

We are trying to send a bus for the last league game a week today away at Fort William. It's been a long time since we have done that and by all accounts; it’s a great day out. So let us know if you would like to travel. The bus will leave at 9am, with a stop for lunch.

Thank you to our members who continue to support our efforts, and we will see you for the AGM, so we can start another season off.

James McKay

Supporters Club Chairman

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A very belated happy new year to you and yours.

I'm sure we will all have a moan about the lack of games over the festive period and for some but seeing what others have had to go through, it really does bring it home, it’s only a game.

Before this wet and windy period the league secretary was ridiculed for so many games in such a short period of time, maybe those years of experience have not been wasted after all, he may be able to the see the weather months in advance but he still can't solve a problem like Fort William's micro climate. Keith have been in the same boat, peppered with a few good results in December before the freeze kicked in, so like us will be geared up to start 2016 in a winning way.

I was disappointed to see Craig Dorrat listed during the weeks off. Always gives 100% when in the team and a real fan's favourite. If only we had more like him. On the positive side, seeing another player like Cruicky sign on again is good news, however more new players are still needed.

James McKay

Supporters Club Chairman 

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Congratulations to centre half Craig Dorrat who was named Huntly FC Supporters Club Player of the Year for 2013/14.


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I was delighted to be asked by Russell Guild to accept a cheque for the supporters club on Saturday.


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The performances have been getting better and better, we are not getting that bit of luck needed but we need to keep plugging away and our rewards will come.

Last week was another good performance but against a team who were more clinical and ruthless up front. That said, I don't think Cammy Keith was a stand-out, his strike partner Michael Ewen looked the hungrier and worked more. We must also remember the vast sums of cash being chucked at some of these teams. For players happy to play Highland League and knocking back SPFL, sums it up. Lack of ambition? Or cold hard cash? You make up your mind.…

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