A very belated happy new year to you and yours.

I'm sure we will all have a moan about the lack of games over the festive period and for some but seeing what others have had to go through, it really does bring it home, it’s only a game.

Before this wet and windy period the league secretary was ridiculed for so many games in such a short period of time, maybe those years of experience have not been wasted after all, he may be able to the see the weather months in advance but he still can't solve a problem like Fort William's micro climate. Keith have been in the same boat, peppered with a few good results in December before the freeze kicked in, so like us will be geared up to start 2016 in a winning way.

I was disappointed to see Craig Dorrat listed during the weeks off. Always gives 100% when in the team and a real fan's favourite. If only we had more like him. On the positive side, seeing another player like Cruicky sign on again is good news, however more new players are still needed.

James McKay

Supporters Club Chairman 

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